ALU mats

Increase availability with the right ALU

Is there a great review of people in and out of the building?


Then it is a great idea to have one or more ALU mats.


At Kronborg Care we sell ALU mats and ALU profile mats in all forms and patterns. We will find the solution that best suits your porch. As well as what your immediate need for protection is.

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Get easy & single coupled ALU mats for guide lines

An ALU mat with guideline helps to increase accessibility, and with our help you can easily connect your external guide lines with the interior via the entrance mat.


Which is especially a good idea in places where there is a huge amount of traffic and where there may be a particular need for the guidelines not to conflict with bad pedestrians etc. Among other things in hospitals where there can be both wheelchairs and walkers, which must be able to run smoothly from the entrance and into the building.


For us, it quickly became clear that the ALU mats are a natural part of the guideline- which is why we are offering this solution.

Find just the right solution

Kronborg Care today offers the well-known entrance ALU mat. Both with and without tactile clues.


As well as we offer ALU mats, where the outer guideline is naturally, tactilely and visually marked in the mat in a sequence, so that it is connected to the inner guide line.


The selection is large. And we quickly find a solution that best matches your needs, wishes and not least budget.


Let us know about your thoughts and we'll find the right solution.


Do you have any questions?


Are you curious to learn more about why one or more of our mats could be the right thing in your institution, association or maybe company?


So please contact us today.

We're ready to answer any questions you may have.

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