Ganymede gangstok

Patented Ganymed walking stick that ensures significant relief from pain in the hands, back & arms


The anatomically properly designed and soft handle gives you a relaxed walk with reduction of (arthritis) pain in your hands.


The S-shape of the walking stick moves the outlet point forward in the user's field of view, which means that the body's axis, at aisle, is pushed forward.


This provides clearly noticeable support for the hallway.


The dude shoes on the Ganymed walkway are non-slip, durable and not least easy to clean.


The walking stick can be adjusted from 78 cm to 98 cm with a range of 2.5 cm.


The walking stick is CE marked and TÜV tested.


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Remember that we also offer to help with, among other things, ALU mats, tactile guide lines and ramps.


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