Tactile ledelinjer

Blind people and people with vision impairments need clear and clear markings to find their way.


This is not only true outside at stations, platforms, on busy roads or on the pedestrian street. The same applies inside buildings and places such as hospitals and schools.


Visually impaired and blind must have the same conditions as sighted people when it comes to being able to locate the right path.


Kronborg Care sells tactile (tactile) guides for blind people in all shapes, colours and materials.


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We have particularly good experience in laying indoor guidelines.


And we have the ability to connect the exterior guide lines with the interior through the ALU mats.


Get help with the whole process

Kronborg Care helps with all aspects of the process when you need to have your guide lines fitted and delivered.


That is, we help with everything from assessing the availability requirements in the building to the installation of the selected guide lines.


We therefore also act as an advisor early in the process when a choice is made about supplier and materials.


At the same time, we have the skills and knowledge needed to carry out the project.


We can help incorporate guidelines into all environments. Below we therefore work with both visual and tactile guides.


We can therefore also offer guides in many different materials, so you are sure to find a version that matches your needs.


Among other things, we offer guidance lines in stainless steel, rubber, aluminum, brass and polyurethane.

Installation of tactile guides for the blind

As station buildings and other public institutions regularly choose to rebuild.


Then it should be easy to be able to move around the guides.


That's why we mount our guide lines with glue or double-sided tape.


This makes both the guide lines relatively easy to move around if desired. But it doesn't ruin the floor with ugly holes either.


We have the knowledge and expertise to mount guide lines.


Which also ensures that the availability of the building meets all rules and requirements.


Do you want to know more about our tactile guides in steel or other materials?


Do you have any questions about our range of tactile guides in steel and other materials, mounting or what could be the right solution for your project?


So do not hesitate to contact us.


We're ready to answer your questions.

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